Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday February 1, 2009

@ Sweet Adeline

Super Bowl @ home w/ Michael & Pat
Soul Food Farm Deviled Eggs w/ Fresh Wasabi, Mayo, Salt, Wasabi Tokiko
Buffalo Turkey Wings w/ Butter, Hot Sauce Garlic Marinade & Teriyaki Bourbon Pineau De Chartres Marinade
Point Reyes Blue Cheese & Ranch Sauce
Azerimendi Pizza
Edith's Kale w/ Currants
Sweet Adeline Corn Bread

Sasha checks under the tub to make sure Kitty isn't there. (Kitty has been in my room the entire time Sasha has been here)

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....J.Michael Robertson said...

The menu was more memorable than the game, and it was a good game.