Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday April 15, 2012

Annette's 90th Birthday Party @ Dan & Trish's

@ Stu's

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday April 14, 2012

Baseball Draft w/ Michael, Michael, Brad, Kevin, Paul, Russ, Pat, Matt, Mark, Chris
Manhattan Pulled Pork on Acme Torpedo Rolls
Sauced w/ Braising liquid w/ Luxardo Cherries, Cider Vinegar, Sri Racha,
Cole Slaw w/ Carrots, Cabbage
Brad's Apple & Pear Galettes

Leftover Ham Sandwich

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday April 13, 2012

Emily's going away lunch @ Cafe Rouge

Rice Cakes w Spicy Ketchup
Heart of Romaine Salad w/ Blue Cheese Dressing

Manhattan Pulled Pork
Not a geographical indicator but because it includes 1 1/2 cups of Willet's Bourbon & 1/4 cup of Dolin Sweet Vermouth as well as Garrett's Brandied Cherries

8 lbs Pork Shoulder
Fennel seed
Black Pepper
Browned in the oven

2 onions
2 leeks
2 carrots
head of Garlic
sauteed in olive oil

Bourbon & Vermouth added and reduced

Pork added w/ Thyme, Sage, Bay, Honey, Chicken Stock

cooked for 3 hours

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday April 12, 2012

BN Ranch Roast Beef on Pasta Shop Flatbread @ work

Heart of Romaine Salad

Wednesday April 11, 2012

Tokyo Fish Onigiri & Melon Salad @ work

@ 42nd Street Moon production of Sugar

@ Globe w/ Joe & Jen

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday April 10, 2012

Maple Ham & Mango Sauce on Acme Kaiser Roll @ home

Congee w/ Chicken Thighs, Leftover Spring Onions, Artichokes, & Maitake Mushrooms, Garlic, Ginger, Soy, Fish Sauce, Green Tabasco, Chicken Stock, Jasmine Rice
Heart of Romaine w/ Blue Cheese Dressing

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday April 9, 2012

pasta shop paninni @ work

Kirin takeout @ home

Sunday April 8, 2012

Moonlite Bakery Frittata

Fifth Quarter Maple Ham w/ Mango Chutney, Orange Juice, Ginger, Mustard, Onion Sauce
Heart of Romaine Salad

Saturday April 7, 2012

Moonlite Bakery Apple Cake

Poker Night @ the Robertson's
Poached Shrimp w/ Preserved Lemon & Pickled Ginger
Roasted Gold Beets w/ Bacon Avocado & French Feta

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday April 6, 2012

Tokyo Fish Sushi Bento & Melon Salad @ work Really bad allergic reaction to the sushi

Addie's Pizza Pie @ home
Heart of Romaine & Hard Boiled Eggs w/ Thousand Island Dressing

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday April 5, 2012

Leftover Salmon @ work

Cort & Diz
Cafe Rouge Salami & Fifth Quarter Trotter Terrine
Pork Schnitzel
Roasted Artichokes, Spring Onions & Maitake Mushrooms
Heart of Romaine Salad w/ Blue Cheese Dressing
Strawberry Shortcake

Wednesday April 4, 2012

Local Butcher Roast Beef Sandwich @ work

@ Locavore w/ Cort & Diz

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday April 3, 2012

Local Butcher Roast Beef Sandwich @ work

Roasted Spring Onions & Kale
Heart of Romaine Salad

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday March 26, 2012

Da Nang Duck & Spinach for Company Lunch

Chicken Thighs & Artichokes w/ Preserved Lemons & Anchovies
Heart of Romaine Salad w/ Blue Cheese Dressing

Sunday April 1, 2012


Whole Foods Sandwiches @ Paramount


Saturday March 31, 2012

Moonlite Bakery Apple Cake


@ Mua w/ Amy, Stu & Kay, Janet


Friday March 30, 2012

Hard Boiled Eggs @ work

Amy, Carter & Luccia
Watermelon Salad
Yuba Salad w/ Roasted Maitake Mushrooms
Roasted Spring Onions & Artichokes w/ Preserved Lemons
Heart of Romaine Salad w/ Blue Cheese Dressing
Acme Panatone w/ Strawberries & Three Twins Vanilla Ice Cream

Thursday March 29, 2012

BN Ranch Roast Beef & Flatbread @ work

@ Cafe Rouge w/ Tom & Susan, Renee

Wednesday March 29, 2012

Pasta Shop Pannini @ work

Susan & Tom
Cheese & Trotter Terrine
Watermelon Salad
Salmon w/ Hollandaise
Heart of Romaine Salad w/ Blue Cheese Dressing
Strawberries & Three Twins Vanilla Ice Cream

Tuesday March 27, 2012

Pasta Shop Chicken Pasty @ work

@ Original Joe's w/ Yvonne

Monday March 26, 2012

Tokyo Fish Hamachi, Melon Salad, & Edamame @ work

Pan Roasted Pork Chops
Brussell Sprouts & Cauliflower
Heart of Romaine Salad

Sunday March 25, 2012

Napoleon Breakfast @ Waterfront Hotel


@ Plum w/ Jeff & Carol, Joe, Mimi, Roger


Saturday March 24, 2012

Apple Cake from Moonlite Bakery


@ Haven w/ George & Laura


Friday March 23, 2012

Corned Beef Pannini from the Pasta Shop @ work

Napoleon Gala @ the Paramount