Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday February 1, 2008

@ Flora
No, actually I was treated really badly and went home

@ home w/ Fatted Calf Blood Sausage & Onions
Heart of Romaine alad


....J.Michael Robertson said...

Not to challenge the conventions of your blog but how were you treated badly? Bad enough to go home: Sounds pretty raw.

Peter Moore said...

Yes, it's a bit of a departure for the blog.

Yes, I was treated really badly.

Took BART down to try the place. Sit at the bar, have a drink, have a bite.
So it was pretty crowded and the hostess says "Well, I don't have anything and it's an hour and a half wait for a table but the bar is first come, first served." I say, "OK, I'll wait for a seat at the bar."
I'm waiting like ten, fifteen minutes.
A guy, seems like a regular or even an owner/investor comes up to the hostess and says, "That guy who stopped at my table owns half of downtown Oakland. He and his wife really need a table. You should do what you have to to seat them." They had come in after me.
Another ten minutes.
Another couple comes in and is greeted effusively by a waitress who introduces them to the hostess. "These are my really good friends."
Another five minutes.
I see a couple at the bar getting their check. I stand behind them. As they leave the guy tells me to be sure to order the appetizer special. I sit down. The waitress runs over,
"You can't sit here."
"I was told it was open seating at the bar."
She goes to get the hostess.
"I'm really sorry, I should have been clearer. I seat this part of the bar because it faces the kitchen."
At which point the bartender comes up and hands me a menu and says, "What would you like?"
The hostess insists that I can't sit there. A little back and forth but it's clear they're not going to let me sit there.
I stand and leave the restaurant.
I take BART home.
I call the restaurant.
"Hello, I don't mean to be a dick but I'm the guy who you just chased out of the restaurant. And I don't think you handled that very well. I know that you had the guy who owns 'half of downtown Oakland' and his wife and the other waitresses good friends, but I think you could have done that better"
"I'm sorry I didn't make it clear but I do seat that part of the bar."
"You've already insulted me, don't insult my intelligence. The bartender didn't seem to think I couldn't sit there"
Deep breath, "You're right sir. I could have done that better. I'm really sorry. You know the pressure I was under."
"Yes, but you could have handled it better."
"You're right, I could have. I am very sorry sir."
"That's OK. Just wanted to hear you say it.

I will never go to Flora restaurant. Ever.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Now neither will we. My *class anger* is right there under the surface. (Who you lookin at?!) Good restaurant story, though. Educational if only the right people would read it.