Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday June 19, 2010

Moonlite Bakery Potato Cheddar Turnover from Berkeley Farmer's Market

Mindy & Drew
Five Dozen Oysters from Hog Island w/ Mingonette w/ O Champagne Vinegar, Shallots, Black Pepper
Padron Chilis, Redwood Hills Cameo Cheese, Acme Epi Bread, Cafe Rouge Lonzo & Oxtail Terrine & Radishes
Birria (two shanks, a neck & shoulder) cooked in pot sealed w/ masa for 4 hours @ 325 on rack over water w/ Bay Leaves taken off bones with reduced stock. With Avocado Nopales garnish
Cilantro Rice
Peas & Corn w/ Red Onions, Olive OIl, Lime Juice, Salt
Ram Dass Peaches & Cream

@ Locanda da Eva

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