Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wednesday October 31, 2012

Halloween at home with Carter & Lucia, Stan & Suzanne
Easter Egg Radishes and salt
Fava Bean Dip & Pita Chips
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds w/ Marmite
Maitake Mushroom Chips
Cauliflower, Raisins, and Garlic
Lucero Eggplants with Red Miso and Yuzu Syrup Glaze
Red Salad with Fuyu Persimmons, Red Onion, Treviso, Red Bell Pepper, Red Jalapeno, Pickled Ginger, Red Grapefruit sections, Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Salt, Black Pepper
Dry-Farmed Early Girl Tomatoes with Basil, Olive Oil, Burrata, Salt & Black Pepper
LoCoco's Pizza
Scream Charentais Melon Sorbet

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