Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday November 13, 2010

Moonlite Bakery Orange Olive Oil Cake @ Berkeley Farmer's Market

League Banquet: Michael, Mike, Patrick, Brad, Paul, Russ
Padron Chilis
Cameo Cheese & Crackers
Lobster Salad w/ Annabelle's Chicory, last of the Dry Farmed Tomatoes, Ram Dass Pomegranete Seeds, and Shiso
Figs stuffed w/ Redwood Valley Goat Cheese & Preserved Rangpur Lime and wrapped w/ Smoked Speck and baked
Lamb Shoulder w/ Fennel Seed, Salt, Black Pepper, Thyme roasted for 15 minutes @ 450 added to Leeks, Fennel, Artichokes, Castelvetrano Olives, White Wine, Chicken Stock over buttered Pappardelle
Brad's Chocolate Almond Torte

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