Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday March 9, 2013

30-mile bike ride

Fifth Quarter Boudin Blanc
Massa Organic Brown Rice
Farmer's Market Asparagus
Heart of Romaine Salad

Herring Pickling

Curing Salmon Roe into caviar

And I almost forgot: Maitake Mushroom Powder and Chips. I sliced the bigest slices I could get and then roasted them at 400 with some olive oil. I took the rest of the mushroom bits and ran them through the cuisinart until they were paste. Spread that on a silipat and cooked at 225 for an hour. Broke them up and continued cooking for another 45 minutes. I then ran the mushroom bits through a food mill, put the crumbs back on the silipat and stuck in the oven that had been turned off. I'll see what it looks like tomorrow.

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